Alginate – NeoEndo


Net content : 450 Grams

Neoalgin is a high-precision alginate impression material for detailed reproduction of dental impressions.


  • Colour change pattern: Non-chromatic (no colour change)
  • Sky blue colour
  • Spearmint flavor for high acceptance
  • Dust-free formulation
  • Thixotropic
  • Normal working and setting time
  • Simple and fast mixing without bubbles
  • Suitable for manual or automatic mixing
  • Safe disinfection


  • Removable prosthesis
  • Study models
  • Temporary crown & bridges impression
  • Antagonist models in the fixed and removable prosthesis


  • Elastic impression
  • Optimum dimensional stability
  • High precision for detailed reproduction of dental anatomy

Weight: 450gm
ISO Standard: ISO 1563:1990
Impression Count: 25 impressions
(based on 18gm needed for one impression for tray 2/3 or Medium tray size)

Key Specifications

  • Mixing Time 60 sec
  • Working Time 30 sec
  • Time in Mouth 60 sec
  • Total Working Time 2 min 30 sec

Instructions For Use

  • Prior to dispensing, shake the container to make powder fluy. Overfill the scoop with alginate powder, remove excess powder from rim using dry spatula. Do not compress the powder. Transfer the powder in a dry mixing bowl.
  • Measure the exact amount of water using a measuring cup and add to the powder in a bowl. Mix well for smooth consistency and load it on the selected tray.
  • Rinse the patient mouth with water. Insert the tray in mouth, position it properly, press it gently and hold it till the setting takes place.
  • After setting release the tray and clean it under running water to remove any saliva or any other residue.
  • Pour the cast immediately for best results. If pouring of the cast is delayed then wrap it in moist paper or cloth and keep it in a sealed plastic pouch. Do not store impression under water.


  • After opening the pack, store the Neoalgin alginate powder in airtight container. The container has to be stored at a temperature of 5-27 °C.
  • After every usage always close the container.
  • For dispensing Neoalgin always use dry scoop and dry mixing bowl.
  • Store in cool and dry place.

Note: Warm water and hard water accelerates the setting time Cold water retards the setting time.


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