Disposable Table/Bed Sheet (5pcs)


Colour : White
Pack of 5 sheets
Size : 2.5 ft x 6 ft
Material : Non-Woven 35 gsm

  • FOLDABLE & PORTABLE: You can save time by using disposable bed sheets instead of cotton or flannel covers, which need to be washed after each use. Additionally, it is portable for travel.
  • SAFE AND SANITIZED: Safe and healthy to the touch, for even the most sensitive skin. Feel at ease, whether these bed sheets are used for personal bedding or professional use like for a masseuse.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply lay it out and sleep with peace of mind that you’ll stay nice and clean. The non-woven bed sheet is breathable and made of comfortable material that provide you with a healthy environment.
  • NON WOVEN FABRIC: This bed sheet is made of soft non-woven fabric, which cares for your skin. The fabric has a water-absorbent film bottom that is effective in liquid absorption.
  • MULTI PURPOSEFUL: Use these to make anything easier to clean up. Absorbs water and stops oils from seeping through for operations like massage therapists, tattoo artists, chiropractors, and other health professionals to make the job easier and cleaner.


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