Rotary Files Protaper (Neotaper)


Neotaper Assorted Pack- 21 mm
SX | S1 | S2 | F1 | F2 | F3
6 files/pack

  • Neotaper Rotary Files shares the same fundamental metallurgy, heat treatment, and triangular cross-section as Neoendo Flex File with a new sequence of variable taper files
  • High Cutting Efficiency
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Ideal Balance of Strength and Flexibility
  • CTA Wire – Controlled Thermal Activation

Triangular Cross-section

  • Triangular cross-section has proven to be work horse of rotary endodontics
  • Adequate area to augur debris

Non-cutting Tip Design

  • Allows each instrument to safely follow the canal path

Narrow Niti Wire (1 mm)

  • F2 and sizes below have a narrow 1 mm NiTi wire which helps in conservation of dentin

Short Handle (11 mm)

  • 11 mm Short handle provides better accessibility
  • Increased visibility

Sx- Coronal Flaring File

  • Specialty instrument designed to shape and open the canal orifice
  • Sx is designed to cut from the middle part
  • Tip of Sx is designed to passively glide in the canal
  • Sx provides a safe entry path into the canal for next files- S1, S2

Shapers & Finishers

  • Shapers are designed with narrow tapers in the apical third and higher and increasing tapers in the middle and coronal third
  • Finishers are designed with higher tapers in the apical third and decreasing taper in the middle and coronal third
  • Shapers are for preparing the middle and coronal third
  • Finishers are for apical third
  • Narrow taper in shaping files create a path for finishers to reach the apical third easily and clean the apical third efficiently


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